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The word design has a diverse meaning and is usually described depending on the context that is being referred to, when it is mentioned. In general, the word design can mean the strategic approach that an individual may adopt in order to achieve an expectation that is unique. To be able to bring out a design, there needs to be a designer who is usually a professional who is qualified to produced designs in a that particular area. However, there are a number of designers specialized in different areas of design, and sometimes even more than one. These designers have a process known as the design process, which they follow to be able to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

For a design to be satisfactory there are a number of elements of the design process as well as object that need to be considered and they are aesthetic, economical, sociopolitical and functional dimensions.  These dimensions are important for a designer to have in mind when coming up with a variety of designs to be used on objects as well as surfaces.  To be able to develop a great design, the process will require research which includes the looking through various types of information to help with the idea of the design. When the information has been gathered, a lot of thought is put into the decision of the best design and a model built to resemble the same. Most times, adjustments are made and at times re- designing is needed to be able to produce a design that will match the needs of the client or for personal use.

Overall, design is a very important step  in the production of many products that are currently in the market as it brings out the creativity put into its final look for the benefit of the clients.